5 Bucks Party Perth Must Do’s

Here at Bucks Party Perth HQ, where we consider ourselves the best in the business at coordinating the biggest send off for your groom, we get plenty of calls asking for tips.

We’re happy giving them. Trends in Perth parties change, the seasons make certain activities popular, and ultimately we’ve been lucky enough to bring some of the best parties to life and are happy to steal ideas and pass on to you.

Night Club
5. Maximise It!

This sounds like advice from the Skipper of the Obvious XI, but we think it is vital you stretch a Bucks Party Perth out. For two reasons; it is a legitimate free hit for most attending. Kids/Wife/GF/Work/Sport all must take a step back for a Bucks Party Perth weekend. It is intrinsically linked with wedding, and very rarely are blokes met with resistance when questioned about heading away for a Bucks weekend. Some things just ‘are’. Secondly, the bonding, the shared experience and the memories are much stronger when given a couple of days to brew. One night is great; but everyone traditionally sticks to their corners. Day 2 is when you can share your hopes and fears… Or just what you did in the hour you went missing between 2am and 3am. Not much beats a knowing nod between new mates on the wedding day… We’ve all been there.

4. Ongoing Rules for the whole party

It is mostly about the Buck, but it is always good to keep the whole party on their toes. You need an influential ‘rules master’, as if the first person refuses to do it, you are going to struggle to win them back. Some simple rule examples include: Opposite hand drinking, no using nicknames, no pointing, the peg game (peg gets attached to an unsuspecting party goer, if they don’t find it before the party counts to 10, they must drink) and dead ants (or similar), where if one man goes down as a dead ant, you all do, with a punishment for the slowest. There will be a tipping point with how many you can get away with, but it is well worth the time and effort.

Playing Paint Ball
3. Story Time

Find some time in the agenda for the group to tell their favourite groom story. It is a great way to get comfortable in each others company, all the while embarrassing our groom. You’ll get laughs from the old school friends about the awkward Teen years and how their first beer ever went down, hear a few Dad stories and most likely get some horrific sexual experience anecdotes from the current pals. Everyone wins. This doesn’t need to be a special set aside time. Bus transfers, around the dinner table, pre- heading out for the night or over lunch at the Golf club are all opportune times to open this up.

2. Get dressed up

Can you have a bad day out when you’re dressed up as a Superhero? Negative Ghost Rider. From double denim, porn theme, Op Shop formal, favourite character or or just getting around in the plus four’s, a good costume is a superb mood setter. One caveat; it doesn’t give the party the right to carry on like complete dickheads! Bar and Pub owners are accustomed to groups of Perth parties, and you put a bit of a target on your head if you’re all dressed as women. Them’s the facts. Easy to make it a day dress up and back in the normal kit post sundown. Alternatively, it is well-worn, but putting the Bucks in a dress up while the rest of the lads jump in the jeans and shirt is always good for a laugh. Guess we have a bit of the one-in, all-in about us though.

Team Mario
1. Challenges

We’ve looked at how you can get the whole party involved in the Bucks shenanigans, but let’s be honest, it’s all about one man. Bucks Party Perth. Pepper the day with challenges for him. A few months ago we watched as one of our Bucks, David, wasn’t allowed back on the bus until he had raised $10.00 busking. It wasn’t pretty, but it was bloody funny. Another Buck had various challenges throughout the day in activities such as putting contests, chilli eating, dildo hammer throwing (lol), dry weet-bix eating and how long can you last with your head in the iced-up esky. Hey, we’re not saying the Best Man who came up with them went home and helped split the atom, but we’ll be damned if everyone didn’t have a cracking time watching and contributing! A well coordinated scavenger hunt still ticks the boxes, but is a little 1997, while ‘Buck can’t say no for an hour’ is always good for a laugh. Tailor it to your mate, a quieter friend probably isn’t going to go streaking through the Quad, while a crazier cat with happily organise a sing-a-long of the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons hit ‘You’re just to good to be true’. Either way, have a few in the back pocket beforehand and you are well on your way to an elite party.

Have we missed anything? We’re all ears! E mail, Facebook, call or come along to the HQ to educate us over a game of pool, where most of our ideas are hatched, and Jimmy is on a 12 game winning streak. FFS.

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