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5 Things We Learnt From Our September Bucks Party Perth

5. Queenstown is choice, hey bro! (sorry)

Out first International destination, Queenstown, is up and about and already generating enquiries from you all. It really is ‘all time’ when it comes to Perth parties. Our little black book is extensive in the Q-Town area, and our bar tabs notorious, meaning we have already picked the best activities and know the lay of the land… Fancy a slice of heaven with your Bucks?

Queens Town
4. Archery Attack is a newcomer to our activity list, but already is proving extremely popular.

Able to be setup in mobile locations across the country, pick your side and pretty much compete in what one Bucks Party Perth staffer described as ‘medieval paintball’. Fast paced, fun and requiring enough skill to keep things interesting, we are pleasantly surprised just how good this can be when included in a Bucks day.

Archery Player Aiming
3. Gold Coast and Byron are making their run for most popular destinations…

With summer just around the corner, the well planned best men are hooking into Coastal destinations and the plethora of activities to do there. Byron (sigh, Oh Byron), has possibly the best hotel in Australia (The Beach), a huge amount of craft breweries to visit, a great looking crowd and an ocean back drop to it all that is jaw dropping. The Gold Coast has shed the tag of the uncool Uncle of the Australian party scene and can turn it on for a weekend. Boats and horse racing are the go-to Bucks Party Perth picks up there.

Gold Coast Bay
2. We have the hardest working staff going around.

(Well except for Wednesday afternoon when we head off to play lunchtime foosball and then head straight to the pub from there. We have to work really hard Thursday morning as a consequence. FML.) But, even the magicians that put all of the packages together LOVE to have a bit of time up there sleeves! So, if you have some time before your Bucks party launch date, reach out anyway. The more work we put into it, the better an event it will be. 

1. Boat Cruises are comfortably number one on our ‘most requested’ list.

The perennial favourite and easy to see why… The lads get some privacy for hijinx, tunes to pump out for the trip, easy to add girls to any of the packages if your heart desires and it’s on a fucking boat! What more can you want! Well done boat cruises. You salty ol’ sea dog you.