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5 things you need to learn or own by the time you are a Buck…

These are the non negotiable’s gents. There are plenty of moments in your life that are signifiers to your maturity and growth; we can accept these, or rebel against them. But these five? They are must haves and do’s.

5. A ‘Go To’ Recipe

And we’re not thinking Spaghetti Bolognese. Challenge yourself in the kitchen to follow one (just one) cracking, full blooded recipe. Learn the technique and take note of the flavours you’re putting in. You can adjust these and make it your own in time. A great start is cooking the perfect steak; a lesson in life every man should have some degree of mastery of. Trust us, it will pay dividends at several times throughout the journey.

4. A classic watch

As you get older it is important to invest in some key pieces of jewellery. A watch should be seen as a 20+ year investment, and a classic will never go out of style. Instead of the wedding ring, maybe an engraved watch? It’s the one you get out of the jewellery box for that special dinner, or wedding you’re attending. Pass it down to your son ,even. Just have one.

3. Dumbell

We’re not suggesting you need a full gym in your house. With apartment living more and more common, it just isn’t possible. Of course you could always follow Randy Couture’s advice, cos if ‘you’ve got a door, you’ve got a gym’. But essentially, a dumbell covers you for the bicep at least. We’re no ‘Men’s Health’, but we know a dumbbell can provide a variety of activities to keep you toned, takes up little to no room, and can jack you up by 10% just before SummaDayz. Job. Done.

Man Lifting Weights
2. A tuxedo

Every man needs either a great suit or a tuxedo in their closet. You can always hire for a one off, but it realy is a rite of passage. If you haven’t been invited to a black tie event by the time you’re ready to be married, you haven’t put yourself out there. Next challenge is to buy one and to fit into it well into your adulthood. Go hard at number 3 on the list to help achieve this!

Man with Tuxedo
1. A ‘go to’ cocktail

Sidling up to the bar and flic-king through an extensive cocktail list, before asking the bartender for a drink ‘that is sweet and tastes like a mango’ just isn’t going to cut it. Have a ‘go to’ cocktail to steer you out of all awkward social ordering situations. Here are three that are effortlessly cool, taste great and will impress anyone within ear shot. Old Fashioned. Negroni. Manhattan. We know too well the temptation to run to an Espresso Martini or a Aperol Spritz, and there is a time and a place for these. But trust us on the three suggested.