Bucks Party Perth Olympics

If you’ve watched the Olympics wondering if you could indeed compete at that level, why not incorporate some of the sports on offer with Bucks Party Perth into your Bucks Party Perth? Whilst not all are the competing sports to the letter of the law, we’ve listed the top 5 Bucks Party Perth Olympic activities anyway….

5. Clay Shooting – Australia has a long history of success in shooting in the Olympics, continuing with a somewhat surprise gold for Modern Pentathlon competitor, Chloe Esposito. As a Bucks Party Perth activity, it ticks plenty of boxes – competition for bragging rights, plenty of testosterone and a sport that won’t leave you in a pool of sweat and a change of clothes required.

4. Golf – Let’s not get carried away with golf as an Olympic sport; did you know who Australia had competing?? If your first guess involves the names Day, Scott, Pampling, Baddeley, hell even Baker Finch or Norman, you’re way off the mark. Scott Hend and Marcus Frazer pick up sticks in the name of golf for the Men. Admittedly, Frazer had a real crack, leading for a couple of rounds, but seriously Olympic officials need to have a good hard look at themselves when putting Golf up as a sport at the Olympics. Rant over.

Anyway, as far as the appropriation to a Bucks Day, this is one of the best. All of our destinations offer some sort of Golfing package, it is one of the best activities to network within, and there are endless opportunities for drinking games and prizes/punishments at the conclusion. Hit them well enough you may be in the mix for Tokyo too.

Group Photo of People Playing Golf

3. Bubble Soccer – Again, if Bucks Party Perth were on the selection committee for the Games, Soccer wouldn’t be high on the agenda to taking a spot. But, at Bucks Party Perth Olympics, ‘Bubble’ Soccer screams into the top 3! It is a sporting activity that raises a sweat and is what the battlers call ‘a great leveller’. A bit like footy on a muddy day, the good guys come back to the pack. No one knows how they’ll run around as a big bubble, and if you’re a bigger bloke, momentum is everything if you want to pick someone off (Disclaimer: Bucks Party Perth does not suggest you pick off someone).

Playing Outdoor

4. Sailing – Australia managed to snaffle 3 Gold medals and one Silver at the London Olympics and 4 medals in Rio, so in honour, Sailing takes our number 2 spot at the best Bucks Party Perth Olympic event activities. But, why risk rope burn and have the pressure of negotiating a course? I haven’t needed to know what ‘starboard’ side is since i was at the local roller skate rink, aged 8. Our advice? Throw some lobsters Jordan Belfort style. Most Yachts provide a staple of sun deck, cold beers and an iPod dock to pump the tunes. Hit a Coastal location and live the dream.

Summer Party

5. Equine – We’re getting loose with our numero uno, but a day at the Sport of Kings is elite. Country Race meets allow you to have the VIP treatment, with a private area and booze put on for the day. With transfers to and from the city, a bus back following a salute in the quaddie is bucket list sort of stuff. A worthy gold medal in Bucks Party Perth Olympic activities!

Horse Racing