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Bucks Party Perth. The Stag Do. The Bachelor night.

It is time spent among brothers to help the groom to celebrate or commiserate (we’re not here to judge) his final hours before making that official change from a ‘me’ to an ‘us’.

Here at Bucks Party Perth, we exist to help make sure these last few hours of bachelorhood are spent in a manner befitting such a momentous occasion and want to provide you with the necessary tools to make this occasion something you will remember forever.

But before we take you through our list of our carefully considered and ‘groomed’ (plenty of pun intended) packages, let us provide you with a list of stag do’s and stag don’ts when planning a Perth party.

DO tailor the events of the party to the groom’s own likes/dislikes

We all know how much we look forward to a Bucks Party Perth but it is important to remember that this day is about the Groom and making sure he is the one having the best time of the group. There is no point ‘Macca’ (every group has one) having the time of his life necking pints and listening to his stories about when he won the Year 9 Triple Jump and how he could have been somebody, if the groom is sitting down bored, daydreaming about which pair of loafers he is going to bring to his honeymoon. Keep the groom interested and make it fun. For him!

DON’T organise the events a couple of days before the big day

If certain Hollywood films about a perth party are anything to go by, it should be quite obvious that you shouldn’t arrange the occasion within even a week of the big day. Nothing says I’m not ready to get married like turning up to your own wedding smelling of Vodka and defeat. We want this experience leading to the groom saying ‘I do’ not I spew. Time your events carefully and allow not only the groom to recover but also the distinguished male guests within your group because there might even be women at the wedding (hint hint single lads).

DO pay for the Groom’s expenses

To most, this one seems like a no brainer but there is no way a groom should be financially involved in his own Bucks Party Perth. Even if the groom to be is Floyd “Money” Mayweather, it is your role as fellow brothers to chip in that little bit extra to ensure the groom can enjoy himself unimpeded. The guy is already paying an arm and a leg (and potentially selling other limbs on the black market) to pay for his wedding, the last thing he needs and you need is him having to worry about $$$ and thus ruining the occasion. Save up in advance and make sure everyone is on board.

DON’T under prepare

There is no worse feeling than the feeling of aimless wandering without specific leadership or direction (just ask the English Cricket Team from 1989 to 2004). Make sure you sit down and plan the Perth’s night thoroughly and ensure everything is seamless. A little extra planning goes along way and will make sure everyone is getting the most out of the occasion. Be a leader and pull everyone along with you.