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  • Kids Party Games


    What You Need:


    4 large cardboard boxes

    Assortment of clothing items (1 item per child) can be a mixture of adults and kids


    How To Play:


    Set up the 4 boxes in pairs opposite each other and place the same amount of items in each box.

    Have the children move into 4 groups and place a group in front of each box.

    On the word GO the first child of 2 teams must take out an item of clothing and put it on. He/she must then run to the opposite side of his/her team and take off the item and put it on the next player. This player must also take an item out of their box and put it on as well as keep on the item they were just given. He/ She now runs back to the other side of their team and removes the 2 items which the 3rd team member must put on PLUS take an item from the box and put it on . This continues till the last player has ALL the items of clothing on from 2 of the boxes, they must then run to the other side to win the Relay Race. Award prizes to the winning team.


    What You Need:


    2 Hula Hoops

    2 Teams (1 team per Hula Hoop) – More teams more hoops needed


    How To Play:


    Divide each team into 2 sides ( like a relay race) . The first team member must step into the hoop and run it to the other side , the 2nd member then gets into the hoop and they run back to the opposite side where the 3rd team member gets into the hoop and the 3 of them run back again, so on and so on until all the members are in the Hula Hoop and they must as a team run to the finish line. First team across wins.


    What You Need:


    Donuts ( one for each child)

    String to tie donuts to

    Something to hang donuts from ( clothesline,pergola,eve etc)


    How To Play:


    Place each child under a donut and make them put their hands behind their backs. On “GO” each child must eat their donut as fast as they can without using their hands. The first one finished wins.

    For Older Children – we suggest blindfolding them or have 2 kids eat the one donut at the same time.


    The object of this game is to move the noodles from a table into a cup using a piece of spaghetti and no hands!!


    What You Need:


    A piece of uncooked spaghetti for each child

    Several pieces of macaroni or tube pasta for each child

    A plastic cup for each child


    How To Play:


    Place the pasta in piles in a row on the edge of a table and place a cup in front of each pile. Have the kids stand/kneel in front of a pile of pasta and hand them a piece of spaghetti. On go the kids are to thread the pasta on to the spaghetti and lift them into the cup. First one to get all their pasta into their cup wins. Remember no hands allowed!!

  • Kids Party Recipe


    Chocolate buttons or cooking chocolate for melting.


    M&Ms or Smarties


    1. In a double boiler  ( oven proof bowl sitting onto of a saucepan with boiling water) melt the chocolate.
    2. Place the marshmallows onto a tray. When the chocolate has melted spoon onto each marshmallow and allow to cool slightly then place a Smartie or M&M onto of each one.



    • 3 cups (675g) white sugar
    • 30g butter
    • 6 tbsp boiling water
    • 6 tbsp white vinegar
    • sprinkles (100’s and 1000’s) or crushed nuts
    • Patty cases (24 )
    1. In a  saucepan, place all of the ingredients and stir over heat until dissolved.
    2. Bring to the boil without stirring for 10-15 minutes or until a spoonful of mixture cracks when you drop it in a glass of cold water.
    3. Pour into patty cases and sprinkle with 100’s and 1000’s or the crushed nuts
    4. Leave to set.

    Recipe from: Kidspot.com.au


    Sliced bread

    Peanut Butter / Cream cheese/Nutella

    Sandwich fillings

    Round Cookie cutter/ Soft drink bottle cap


    Make your sandwiches according to your kids taste.Cut the sandwiches in to halves/thirds. Take several slices of bread and with the cookie cutter or drink bottle cap cut out round circles. Glue these to the top of your sandwiches using either peanut butter/ cream cheese or Nutella. Arrange on a plate ready for serving.


    Mayonnaise or whipped cream cheese

    Large tortilla (square if possible)

    Lettuce or baby spinach

    Sliced deli meat of your choice

    Sliced cheese of your choice

    Gherkin pickles

    Chive stalks


    1. If necessary, trim the rounded edges of the tortilla to make it square, then spread on a thin layer of the mayo or cream cheese.


      Layer on the lettuce or baby spinach, then the meat and cheese, and roll it up tightly.


      With the seam on the bottom, slice the tortilla into 2-inch-wide pinwheels. For the snail’s heads, cut a pickle in half at an angle. Poke two small holes in the uncut ends and stick pieces of chive with knots at one end in each for antennae.


      Slip each pickle half under the edge of a pinwheel, securing them together with a toothpick, if necessary. Makes 4 to 6 pinwheel sandwiches.


    • 4 oz unsweetened chocolate, chopped
    • 1 cup butter
    • 2 cups sugar
    • 4 eggs
    • 1 teaspoon vanilla
    • 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
    • 1 to 2 (16 oz) packages chocolate candy coating, (also called confectioner’s coating, candy melts or bark coating)
    • 10 licorice wheels
    • 50 raspberry gumdrops, (you can also use red candy)
    • black nonpareils
    • sprinkles, white cylinder sprinkles, for spider fangs



    For the brownies:

    1. Preheat oven to 350° and grease an 8-inch square baking pan.
    2.  Heat butter and chopped chocolate in microwave on low. Microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring in between until melted and smooth.
    3.  In a mixer, add sugar, eggs and vanilla. Mix until combined.
    4.  Add the melted chocolate and butter to the sugar mixture and mix until combined.
    5.  Add flour and mix until combined.
    6.  Spread the brownie batter in greased pan and bake for about 40 minutes or until done. Let cool.
    7.  If you want, you can also use brownies from a box mix and just follow the decorating instructions below.
    8.  Makes 25 spider bites, more if your roll into smaller balls.


    After the brownies are cooled, (they can be still be slightly warm) cut 25 equal brownie squares, trimming off the outside edges first. This will help when you start to roll them.

    These brownies were so moist and moldable already, I decided to try rolling them without using any frosting. And it worked out just fine.


    To decorate:

    1. Prepare the licorice legs first. Unroll one licorice wheel at a time and cut it into as many 2 3/4 inch sections as you can. You can separate each strand of licorice by pulling apart the two pieces. Start on one end and pull the two pieces apart, leaving them attached at the other end.
    2. Repeat until you have four pairs of legs for each spider body. (totaling eight licorice legs each.) Set them aside until ready to use.
    3.  Prepare the raspberry gumdrop eyes second. All you do for these is cut small pieces of the leftover licorice and press directly into the tops of these raspberry candies. The candies are soft, so don’t be afraid to press down firmly to get the licorice pieces to stay.
    4.  Start dipping! Place the candy coating in a small, deep microwave safe bowl. Heat in the microwave on low in 30 second intervals, stirring in between. Repeat until melted and smooth. Don’t overheat the chocolate.
    5.  Drop the ball in the bowl of chocolate coating. Don’t stir or move it around. Then cover it by spooning more melted chocolate over the top, completely covering the brownie ball.
    6. Then, using the same spoon, lift it out of the chocolate and tap the handle of the spoon on the edge of the bowl. This will force any excess chocolate off the ball and back into the bowl. When most of the excess has fallen off, transfer the ball to a wax paper-covered cookie sheet and immediately sprinkle a few black non-nonpareils on top. Repeat with remaining brownie balls.
    7.  Let the spider bodies dry completely before applying the rest of the decorations.
    8.  Use the remaining chocolate candy coating to attach the licorice legs and candy eyes. You won’t need much, so just reheat what is left in the bowl that you used for dipping. Place the top (attached) part of the licorice leg pair in the coating and then attach it to the side of the spider body. Hold in place for a few seconds while the chocolate sets. Repeat with remaining legs. Don’t move the spiders until the coating has completely set with the legs attached.
    9.  Then, use more candy coating to attach the raspberry candy eyes and let dry.
    10.  For the finishing frightening touch, insert two sprinkles for fangs (I used white stick (cylinder) sprinkles).
  • Kids Party Themes

    Bug Party

    Lego Party

    Pirate Party Themes

    Superhero Theme

  • Bug Party

    Bugs and critters, spider and ants all little creatures that kids love to chase.

    A bug party is perfect to outdoors and the warm summer months. We have listed just about everything you need to host the perfect bug party from party invitation ideas to yummy " Bug Food".


    Increase your attendance by creating your very own Bug invitations. A piece of coloured card with some plastic bugs and critters glued on to it will surly entice their anticipation.

    Print off Bug pictures from google images and add your party details,place in an envelope along with some glitter, confetti and a bug or two, seal the envelope with a bug sticker.



    The little ones can dress as bugs and critters or as the “bug catcher” Supply Bug party hats ( step by step instructions below), Butterfly nets and bug catcher containers.



    Decorate a table with a green table cloth and scatter with plastic bugs and critters.

    Fill metal or plastic buckets with lolly bugs and snakes and place on the table. Glue plastic or paper bugs on to plastic drink cups and straws. Glue paper eyes on to balloons and hang from the ceiling creating flying bugs. Hang strips of green crepe paper in doorways and attach paper ladybugs and dragon flies, the kids will love running through these.



    Butterfly Birthday Cake – Bake a 20cm round cake. Cut the cake into half and turn the two pieces back to back so they resemble wings. Decorate with different colours of frosting to create a colourful butterfly.

    Flies On A log – Cut celery into 6cm pieces fill with peanut butter or philly cream cheese and push sultanas into them.

    Butterfly Sandwiches – using a butterfly cookie cutter cut bread slices and fill with your child’s favourite fillings.

    Critter Fruit Skewers- Using different shaped bug cookie cutters cut out shapes from rockmelon, watermelon and pineapple. poke onto wooden skewers and pierce into a half melon or into some floral foam which has been inserted in to a tin pale or container. Place several green grapes onto one skewer giving the appearance of a caterpillar.The kids will love the healthy treat.

    How to make a Bug Party Hat:

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    A sentence or two describing this item. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet.

    Party Favour Ideas:

    Spider Chuppa Chups:

    2 eyes, 4 pipe cleaners, 1 chuppa chup , glue.

  • Lego Party Theme

    All kids love lego and just about every home has some form of Lego block hiding in a cupboard.

    This party theme will be loved by both boys and girls. Here are few ideas to help you create the perfect Lego Party.


    The simplest idea is to cut coloured card in to rectangles and into circles. Glue the same coloured circles onto the rectangles to create lego like blocks, then fill in your party details on the reverse side or inside. ( Use the primary colours and green and black ) as these are the typical lego block colours.



    Ask the children to come dressed in their favourite Lego colour. You might like to supply plastic yellow construction hats for each guest. (I have seen these for about $2 each at the discount shops)



    This is such a great party theme to decorate for. Use red,blue yellow,black and green the main colours of Lego bricks for your balloons,table cloths, plates ,cups and napkins.

    Hang Lego mobiles from the ceiling and from doorways. ​Theses can be made by cutting coloured card into rectangles and gluing or taping same colour circles to each rectangle, making a flat Lego block. Put a hole in one end and tie a bit of string to that end and hang.

    As the directions above make different sized Lego blocks to stick to walls and windows.


    Make 3D Lego Blocks to jazz up the Lolly table or gift table. Cover shoe boxes in red,blue,yellow and black coloured paper. Take a cardboard roll ( paper towel roll or toilet roll) and slice into sections. Cover the sections with the coloured paper and stick to the top of the covered shoe boxes. Stack these onto of each other for an added effect

    ** You may like to put a surprise treat/gift into each box before wrapping and give them away as prizes during the party.

    Lego Bowls Using actual Lego blocks make a container to store plastic cutlery or to use as bowls for sweets and chips

    Water Bottle or cup decorations can encourage the little ones to drink more water and look fabulous on any party table. We have made this job easy for you, just click on the image, print, cut and glue onto plastic water bottles or plastic cups.

    Party favour bags are easy to make. From the discount or craft shops buy coloured gift bags. Using the same coloured card that you used to make the other circles cut out more and glue to each gift bag before filling with treats and sweets.

    Lego Sandwiches will go down a treat. So simple to make. Click here for instructions

    The Birthday Cake To make Lego block cakes requires very little skill, just time. You will need a rectangular shaped cake tin and a muffin tray.

  • Pirate Party Theme

    All your little pirate guest will have an action packed day with this fun party theme.


    You will need:

    White Paper

    A tray

    Instant Coffee powder


    Some markers and stickers


    Write or print the details of your party on the white paper. You can draw a map or add stickers if you wish. Tear or the edges of your paper or scrunch it up to make it look old. Set these papers aside for later.

    In your tray, mix a pinch of coffee and water. Once the solution is dissolved, lay your papers flat on the tray one by one. Allow enough time for the paper to become stained with the coffee – the longer you wait…..the darker it will get. The coffee gives it an ancient smell – like it’s been hidden in a closet for a very long time. Hang them to dry.

    Once they are dry, you can CAREFULLY burn the edges a bit. If you’re feeling artsy, roll your invitation, tie it with a string. You can even put it inside a short bottle. (make sure part of the invitation sticks out the top for access)


    Setting up your DIY Pirate Party is super easy. Remember that pirates are not princesses, so you don’t have to worry whether the door looks clean, or the table isn’t straightened up — you know what I mean. You can have as much fun as you want and get the whole family to participate. Instant family bonding!

    Create decorations from anything in your house and a handful of artsy keepsakes from the thrift shop.

    Hang nets, table cloths and fabrics on walls to get the feel of life on deck.


    Cut old, unused prints and combine them with scrapbook materials for the ultimate pirate feel.


    Gather treasure boxes and fill them with trinkets, coins or chocolates.


    Wrap posts with brown paper to make trees and add green crepe papers on top to add palm leaves.


    Add labels to food stations, comfort rooms, play zones and dining area to really make your guests feel like they are on board.


    This carved-out a watermelon in the shape of a shark will surely be the talk of the party. Blue Gatorade will be perfect to get the ‘seawater’ effect you want. For a more artsy touch, add jelly fishes in the cup.


    Use a keg-like jar and fill it with juice so your mateys can feel what it’s like to drink like pirates.

    Games and Activities:

    Pirate Hat Making:


    You will need:

    A pirate hat template



    Some stickers, pictures, beads and other scrapbook-y stuff



    Cut this pirate hat template out of black colored paper and give it to each guest.


    Attach about 12-14inches of elastic to the template. Staple one end of the elastic 2in from the leftmost part of the template and the other end to 2 in from the rightmost part of the template.

    Now you have your pirate hat! But it looks so boring right? Give each guest a blank pirate hat, and have them decorate it with anything they want. Let them add stickers, beads for girls, etc. This can be their very own pirate party name tags too!


    "Pin Me Eye Catch On"

    You will need:

    A homemade Pirate Poster

    Bandanas or Blindfold

    Make an eye patch for each guest


    Hang the DIY Pirate Poster on the wall. Make your guests line up single file. Put the blindfold on the 1st pirate in line. Spin them a couple of times and see if they are able to stick the eye patch to the Pirate’s eye. Whoever is closest….. wins the game.

  • Super Hero Party

    Up Up and Away with this cool party theme. After all who doesn't have a Superhero they would like to dress up as. Here are some ideas to help you host a Superhero party that is out of this world.

    Invitation Ideas:

    Use the primary colours ( red blue & yellow ) if you are going to design your own. Stars, Kapows and Bams are always good to use. Perhaps you may like to design your own logo using the first initial of the birthday ​persons name. We have a free printable invitation for you, just click on the image and print.

    Costume Ideas:

    Capes, masks and Lightsavers are what springs to my mind when I think of my favourite Superheroes. Young children have a very vivid imagination and it does not take a fancy costume to make them believe they are a Superhero. A cape ( table cloth, bed sheet,cot sheet or plain material) will do. A party mask and a weapon tucked into a belt make ideal additions to the cape.

    DIY Masks- just click on the template image print colour and add hat elastic or ribbon to tie around child’s head

    Use the primary colours for balloons, streamers, paper plates and napkins. On some coloured cardboard cut out large random star shapes and add the words POW, BAM and KAPOW to them, these look great stuck to interior walls.​​


    Super Treasure Hunt
    Hide small lolly bags around the room or yard and let your little superheroes loose to find the treasures.



    Kryptonite Cure

    Scrunch Alfoil/Tinfoil and roll into smallish balls then wrap in green cellophane. Set up a small obstacle course ( a few scattered cushions to leap over, a table to crawl under etc.) at the end of the course place the “Kryptonite” either in a bowl or basket.

    Divide the party guests into 2 teams. Each team must have a basket or box next to them. Each player must race and complete the course to retrieve one Kryptonite ball then return it to the other teams basket. The team with the least amount of toxic Kryptonite wins.


    Catch the Crook

    Best played outdoors

    Have one of the adults dress in black to look like a “Baddie”. Give each child a Hula Hoop. The object is for the “Crook” to run around while the kids try and put the hula hoop over his head, trapping or catching the crook. When the crook is caught he /she must throw out lollies and trinkets.The kids then collect the scattered lollies. Keep playing until the Crook is too tired to run anymore or he / she is out of lollies and sweets.



    Party Favours

    Everyone loves a party favour to take home and these are so simple to make.

    All you need is a few coloured bags and some Super hero logos (I found mine in Google images which i printed off). Fill the bags with sweets and stick the Super hero logos to the front of them.

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