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    Throwing a Bridal Shower is a huge responsibility and we have some ideas to help you with this mammoth task

    Ideas for a Party

    • Party Bus
    • Boat Party
    • Belly Dancing Classes
    • Burlesque Classes
    • Pole Dancing Classes
    • Life Drawing Classes
    • Spa Pamper Day
    • Paintball
    • Quad Biking
    • Day at the Races
    • High Tea
    • Girl’s Night In

    Theme Ideas

    Vintage, Pj Party, Red Carpet, Garden Party, Candyland, Cocktail Party, Princess Party, Party in Paris.


    Click for Bridal Shower Game Ideas


    This will depend on your theme of course. If there is no set theme then may we suggest decorating with feminine colours ( pinks , sliver , bling or pastels ). An assortment of large pom poms and bouquets of balloons always adds to the atmosphere. Make sure that there is a table set up for gifts. An arrangement of fresh flowers will look amazing amongst all the gifts. Place a collage of photos from the brides past on a wall or window. Make sure that there is ample champagne for the guests and non alcoholic beverages for the drivers. A mimosa Bar is always a surprising addition. Add stick on jewels to the stem of plastic Champagne flutes this looks effective and will help your guests identify their glass.


  • Hens Party Games


    You Will Need:

    Pad of large “Post it Notes”


    Board/Wall or piece of Card to stick Post it Notes to

    How To Play:

    Give everyone one post it note and ask them to write in a memory that they have of the bride. A few words or a sentence is enough.

    When the guests finish writing their memory place the post it notes on the board / wall or card and ask the bride to begin picking them off and reading them one by one. The Bride has to guess who has written the note, and explain the story out loud to all the guests. Some good ideas to help your guests get started are boyfriend tales, school yard stories, first kisses and bad dates.




    This is a great game for breaking the ice! Create a list of a few words that will be Forbidden to be said throughout the party, pin it where the party guests can see it and refer to it. Think along the lines of ‘ words like ‘wedding’, ‘bride’ and ‘hens’. Anytime one of the words from the list is uttered, the person who said it must have a drink, pay a fine or perform a dare … you’ll be amazed how often the words are spoken.




    What You Need:

    An Empty Handbag

    At the beginning of the night as the guests arrive have them place 2 or 3 items from their handbags into “The Handbag” Pass “The Handbag” around the guests, with each guest taking one item out of the bag. Each guest has to guess who the item belongs to. (For an added laugh, throw in a few naughty items and enjoy when everyone laughs about them and who they believe they would belong to…)




    Get the Hen’s party started with some sexy and not-so-naughty fun. Each guest brings a sexy pair of lingerie to the Hen’s Party and the Bride will quickly learn how well she knows her friends by guessing which pair belongs to each guest! A fun ice breaker game! Make sure that you include on the invites that everyone is to bring their panties.




    This is a fun game that is played in pairs and all that you require to play this party game is a few balloons.

    How To Play:

    Have your party guests pair up and hand them 2 or 3 balloons. They are to blow up one of their balloons. On “Go” have the pairs try and Pop the balloons by squashing the ballon between their bodies. They cannot prick or pierce the balloons – sheer humping force is all that is allowed. Once they pop the first balloon they are to quickly blow up the second balloon and try and pop that balloon in the same way. The first pair that successfully Pops all their balloons wins, award a prize.


    Your Best Mate is about to tie the knot and you want to show him one last blast.

    Here are a few ideas to help you do just that

    KISS ME KATE- and Sally and Marry and Emma...

    Buy a white t-shirt. and in large letters write the word BUCK on it.

    Write as many Girls names as you can think of onto the White Tshirt

    The BUCK must wear the t-shirt on the night and then at each venue you attend he has to find a girl whose name appears on his white t-shirt. To prove that he has found a match he must ask the girl to use her best lipstick pout and kiss her name on his t-shirt!

    The object of the game is to cross off each name on his t-shirt … and to drink a shot for each name missed!


    Set some chairs in a circle and have each Party guest take his seat with the drink of his choice in hand. Select a person to start the game ( normally the Buck) He begins the game by saying “FUZZY DUCK”, the next person to his left has to say “DUCKY FUZZ” and then ther person after them continues by saying “FUZZY DUCK” again. This is continuous and goes around the circle until a mistake is made. If a person says “DUZZY” the game is reversed the other way and continues off from what the last person said. If a person messes up and says either “DUZZY F#CK” or “F#CKY DUZZ” or any thing other then the 2 correct words they must skull. You don’t think that this games sound challenging? Try beginning the game after everyone has had a few drinks! The more drinks you have the harder and funnier it gets.




    The object to this game is to tape your teammate on the wall and leave them hanging for one full minute.

    What You Need:

    10 rolls of heavy duty duct tape (depends on how many teams are playing- usually 3 per team)
    Bare walls or trees (be careful which wall you choose as the duct tape might damage the wall paint!)

    How To Play:
    Divide all the guests into teams of 6 or 7 and give each team several rolls of duct tape
    Each team has five minutes to tape a team mate onto the wall or tree. If the person is able to remain stuck to the wall or the tree for a minute without any help, the team wins.



    Ideal for on the day or to take home as a party favour treat.

    Small glass milk bottles ( one for each guest )


    Cling wrap / clear cello paper

    Twistie ties or ribbon

    Cocoa Powder / Quik / Milo

    Chocolate sprinkles

    Marshmallows ( 2 for each bottle )

    How to Make:

    Wrap the chocolate sprinkles in cling wrap and tie up, wrap the cocoa /Milo /Quik in cling wrap and tie, wrap the marshmallows in cling wrap and tie. Place these 3 packets in each milk bottle and add a straw. All your guests have to do is…. Just Add Milk.




    A Memory Game

    Basket filled with baby products

    Pens and Paper

    Write a list of everything in the hamper so you can check your guests answers

    The idea is to let your guests have a good look at the Baby Shower hamper during the night, then remove and place in another room. Hand each of your guests a pen and paper and have them write down as many items that they can remember that were in the Hamper. Award a prize for the winner. ( After a few champagnes this is harder to do then you think).





    Supply several plain Onesies / Bonds suits and let your Baby Shower guests creativity run wild by writing well wishes and cute sayings over the ​Onsies with a permanent marker pen. Great for a keepsake of the special day.


    Short or Long gift boxes


    Baby Booties

    Goodies to fill your gift boxes

    How To Make:

    Fill the boxes with your goodies. Close with a ribbon and attach a pair of booties with another ribbon to each box.


    Here is a a clever idea to serve fruit salad at your next baby shower.


    Fruit for fruit salad

    marker pen

    sharp knife

    Toothpicks or wooden skewers

    How To Make:

    Start by drawing the shape of your pram or cradle onto the watermelon with the marker pen. Turn the watermelon upside down at cut off a section making a flat base.Turn over and Carefully cut away the sections that you do not want. Scoop out the flesh and keep to add to the rest of the fruit. Using tooth picks add slices of orange or lemon to the sides making the wheels. Using toothpicks or skewers attach the handle if you are making a pram. Add a coconut to make a baby’s head and add a dummy and ribbon for the cuteness factor. Fill with fruit.


    Kids Party Games

    Kids Party Recipe

    Kid's Party Themes


    Party Games are a great way to Break the ice and to keep your party guests entertained. We have a selection of adult party games, kids party games and drinking games.

    TV Trivia

    This party game tests the memory of all those television shows you used to watch. A player kicks off the game by naming an old television show. The next player must then name a character from that show, the player to his left must immediately name another character and so on until someone is stumped. If stumped that player is eliminated or the stumped player must drink if you choose to make this a drinking game.

    Name That Tune

    Put a collection of songs together, write the first line of several songs or tv jingles on a pieces of paper. Hand the pieces of paper out to your guests and have them right the name of the song next to the line. Allocate a time limit then go thru and have the guests check how many they got correct. Award the winner with a small prize.

    Party Jig

    Each player comes up with a seated dance move then everyone demonstrates their selected moves while others commit it to memory. To start, everyone thumps their hands on the table in unison to make a beat. The first player performs their dance move (to the beat of the hands) and then must perform another player’s move. Then it’s that player’s turn to perform his or her move before doing another player’s dance, passing it on. Whenever someone misses the move being passed to them or forgets someone else’s move, they must drink!

    Can Do Or Can't DO

    This is a great drinking game because of it has no limits. Each party guest is to write down a challenge. It can be as bizarre or bland or rude as you want, but must be achievable. Examples:.

    *Drinking a litre of milk in under 10 seconds.

    *Name 8 quentin tarantino films in 30 seconds.

    *Changing underwear in under 30 seconds.

    Challenges are placed in a hat for people to choose at random. The first player reads theirs out. Everyone must bet whether that player will complete the task or not. If the player is successful, all those who doubted them must drink. If the player fails, he/she must drink.

    Mighty Melting Ice Cubes

    Divide your party guests into four even teams. On ‘Go’, the first player of each team picks up an ice cube and tries to melt it as quickly as they can. They can rub it between their hands or on their clothes – but are NOT allowed to put it in their mouths, stamp on it or use any equipment or item to heat it or crush it (e.g. a lighter).

    No one is allowed keep an ice cube for more than a few seconds, so make sure the ice cubes are being passed between all the players.

    First team to melt the cube wins.

    Have a small prize for each player or the team that comes last must drink a shot.

    Balancing Christmas

    A game played in pairs. Place an empty wrapping paper core on a table or on the floor, and balance a ruler on top of the tube. Each player has five Christmas tree ornaments of equal size and weight (we suggest plastic to avoid breakages). Standing on opposite sides of the ruler, players must work together to hang all five ornaments on their side of the ruler without toppling the structure. If the structure falls the game is over. The winning pair are the pair with the most hanging ornaments before the structure collapses.

    Bottle Coin Toss

    All you need for this game is some poker chips or coins and a bottle of alcohol. The object is to get your party guests to throw a couple of coins each at the bottle and the one closest wins the booze. Great for indoors or an area where the coins will roll. Even RedFoo plays this game


    Army Theme

    Denim Theme

    Polka Dot Theme

    Music Lovers Theme

    Garden Tea Party


    Christmas Party Recipes


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