Bucks Party Perth Best Perth Awards

It is Awards Season in Hollywood, which means after a big Wedding Season, it is also time for the Bucks Party Perth Awards… A clash with the Oscars means that Margot Robbie has declined attending our ceremony, but tbh, we don’t think she would have given the drinks package enough of a nudge for us to see real value.

Keeping on track, please see below our inaugural Bucks Party Perth Awards! The real idea is to give people an insight into what ran hot in Bucks Party Perth ideas over the Summer months, which of our Best Men got it right, and some general tips to maximise your go at putting together one great party for the Groom. Part 1 below, Part 2 will come when we tally up the votes and happily take on bribes from any prospective winners (hint, hint ‘Luxury car for a day’ people – holla at your boys).

Most Booked location – Gold Coast

The Gold Coast continues to exceed expectation and pleasantly surprise The Bucks Party Perth. It has always been a hive of activity, but much of the good stuff has been tarnished with the ‘Schoolies’ echo effect.

The people have spoken, and no longer will that reputation remain!It was the most booked location by our Bucks Party Perth’ers! What we’ve seen is an abundance of cracking activities, set against the backdrop of a city that is all ‘chips in’ for a good time. And that beach, despite the amount of traffic it gets is ‘on point’.

A few of the cracking activities we’ve seen parties get up to maximise their GC time:

(3) Sport Fishing – charter a boat with your good mates and spend the day hoping like hell you pull the biggest one in… The warm waters of Queensland are ideal for cracking a tin and chucking the line in. Our qualified seaman (hehe) all but guarantee you’ll pull something in, and the tropical fish are some of the best eating you’ll have. Easy to see why this has been popular. Couple it with a restaurant and club when you return to land, and you have a Bucks day that will keep everyone happy.


(2) SkyDiving – Swayze loved it in Point Break (the original, not that bullshit remake), so it gets an immediate tick from us. No bigger rush than skydiving. Just send the buck, or even better, join in for the ultimate bonding experience. The instructors are highly engaged and put your safety at a paramount; amongst the hijinx, this is always good to have in the back of your mind… Strap a GoPro to the chest and you will enjoy the footage for years to come. The Gold Coast offers a sensational backdrop for skydiving, a unique combination of city, sand, and surf.

(1) Boat Cruise – What else? Sun deck out the front, full beer fridge in the cabin and full access to the music system all while your Captain steers you around some of the best Ocean views on the Australian coast. For the smaller crew (15 or less) this is magic. The land activities will let you interact with the public, what the boat cruise does is let you spend some genuinely priceless time with your best friends.

All in all, a worthy winner. 

Catermaran gold coast
Most Popular Activity – Boat Cruise

Comfortably number one on our ‘most requested’ list. The perennial favourite and easy to see why… The lads get some privacy for hijinx, a music system and AUX chord lets you pump your favourite tunes for the trip, it is super easy to add girls to any of the packages if your heart desires and it’s on a f**king boat! What more can you want! Well done, boat cruises. You salty ol’ sea dog you. Be it on the Ocean, Harbour or River, there is a boat for every occasion and budget. We’ve had bigger crews add a Poker table and dealer to the cruise, and tight group of mates have a Scotch educational take place while the sun set behind them. Speak to our team for a more personalised experience, but spending some time on the water for your Bucks is a must.

Best Activity – Archery Attack!

Archery Attack is a relatively newcomer to our activity list, but already established as a favourite amongst our many Bucks Party Perth party goers. Able to be setup in mobile locations across the country, pick your side and pretty much compete in what one Bucks Party Perth staffer described as ‘medieval paintball’.

Fast paced, fun and requiring enough skill to keep things interesting, we are pleasantly surprised just how good this can be when included in a Party day. Whilst it isn’t life and death during battle, the competitive juices are bound to kick in at some point as you rally the troops with a ‘chaarrrrggeeeeeee’ and take a few foam arrows for the greater good. If you aren’t giving away a “Mr Takes it too serious’ and a ‘Coward of the Day’ award post battle, you’re simply not trying hard enough.

Best Addition – Warwick Capper

Bucks Party Perth brew made a late run at the title here, and would have been an even stronger contender if we didn’t leave them in the work fridge on the Friday night of our pool competition. They are officially limited edition now. A few worthy entries here; topless dealers for Poker were very much in vogue pre Christmas and Carts for Golf were extremely popular for the many lazy men out there (not judging. We’re cart men from way back). Whiskey and Cigar tastings combined with Private Bar hire or Boat Cruises were also welcomed by those that went down the path. But… Our #1 addition to a Bucks Party Perth can only ever go to one man – The Wiz! Get around him! Add him into you Bucks Party Perth and settle in for all of the tall stories from the football field and beyond. The man is an Icon. CAAAPPPPEEERRRRR!

Warwick Capper- On Boat
Best Bucks Party Perth – Justin*

We loved how Justin (name changed to protect the innocent) and the crew went about it. They smashed it out of the park. Hitting up (fellow award winner) the Gold Coast, they flew a select crew of lads in early for a dinner and a few ‘settlers’ (Settlers have been known to start an irreversible night of looseness, we’re assured there was some semblance of lid kept on this night though). Friday saw the remaining party arrive (all 26 of them) and enjoy being ferried in a limousine bus to their private boat cruise, 4 hours of food, drink and pristine Ocean all to themselves. They also added some waitressing to their package; an extra helping hand on deck never goes astray. Post cruise, we shot them into the VIP line at the local nightclub where they danced (danced? we have no idea what they got up to) the night away. And yes, the lid was definitely ajar at this point.

Saturday morning we had the limo roll around again where the boys excitedly piled into the Crystal Room at the Gold Coast Turf Club.

With floor to ceiling windows offering unrivaled views of the track and the Gold Coast skyline, private viewing balcony, catering menu and beverage packages available with personal wait service, it did not miss.

How do you top that? VIP entry into one of Gold Coast’s finest Gentleman’s Clubs does some heavy lifting. Lid official off FYI. Sunday morning, Berocca’s sucked down and the boys finished up and made their way home. Their legend lives on though.