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Party Perth pulls off the ultimate EOFY office party!

Confession : We love everything about Party Perth – the build up, finding the perfect package and chatting to the excited best man about what they have planned for the Buck. ‘Well, thanks very much for that tidbit of info, how is captaining the Obvious XI over the summer going?’ i hear you shout into your PC. let us get to the point.

Party Perth HQ had an interesting request last week. It was to create a package for an EOFY party for a group of workers. So many traditions thrown out the window – no one to tie to the telephone pole, no eyebrows shaved off and only limited amounts nudity (Toby from accounts loves a ‘sneaky nut’ in the office photo). Technically not in our wheelhouse, but we do consider ourselves ‘good time’ merchants, and aim to please.

We went to work and ran an office straw poll as to what the best work break up activities are. Most recognisable, with a few that may surprise. Fundamentally, all cracking ways to take your mind off the mundane 9-5.

Top 5 activities for an epic EOFY work party –
1) Bubble Football

The best party with Bubbles since Michael Jackson was living it up in the Neverland Ranch! It seems to combine all the best elements of a sporting contest for a party – limited skill for the actual game, protection from a bad injury and the ability to smash into each other ad nauseam with no consequence. For the uninitiated, you pop yourself in a big plastic zorb, pretend to play the ball and secretly co-ordinate to line up the boss and give him a fearful bubble filled shirt front not seen since Dermy copped it in the opener of the ’89 AFL Grand Final. It appears that easy. You can bring the party to the bubbles, or have the bubbles come to you.

Playing Bubble Soccer
2) Go Karts

Nothing like incorporating Go Karts into your break up, a timeless classic. Burn around on a local course chastising the the IT department for not knowing what a ‘racing line’ is ‘through the chicane’. Go Karts is guaranteed to get the competitive juices flowing, and a perfect bonding style of activity. The first kart was actually built from an adapted chainsaw two-stroke engine, and the ‘chainsaw’ is ironically the celebration of choice for when the Party Perth storms home for a podium finish. No, not based on the Brett Lee wicket celebration. You’re better than that.

Car Racing
3) Golf Simulator

Why ruin the great game of golf by having to cover 10kms across the dunes, rough and water? You can still get your 100 shots in Shooter, but with the Simulator you don’t have to chase it all around. Want some better news? Crack a few stubbies while you do it! Located mainly around the CBD, the golf simulation takes a few hours and is a perfect addition on a work party for any golf lover… who is a bit on the lazy side.

4) Barefoot Bowls

Icy cold beers at genuinely 1970 prices. Shoes off for a few ends. Stitching up some of your co-workers with a roll better suited to ten pin bowling. Priceless. Huge in popularity, One reason is that your average late 20’s year old male is still looking for a sport to get into the Olympics with, so a flame still burns for Bowls. You never know if a scout might be watching… (they won’t) The second reason takes us back to the start – cheap beers and relaxed environment before you pick it up a notch in the evening. Convince the boss this is an economical way to celebrate the yearly results, and after a few jugs of Pale Ale, we’re sure he’ll loosen up to treat the crew to a big dinner/cocktail bar/strippers. Take a punt and book through us, the Boss will think you’re the King, and you may just have pay rise awaiting you on Monday.

Eating Outdoor
5) Wine Tour

We know you’re talking bullshit when you’re carrying on about the ‘nose’ and ‘legs’ of the red; you’re just trying to get more of from the tasting counter. But that’s what we dig about you! Australia is home to some of the best wine regions in the World and wine tasting is for the discernible work group. We can whisk you around to a few cracking wineries, while you and the team relax into some quality grape juice with views to match. Trust us (and the red wine headache we copped after our last Winery Walkabout), the Winery tour still provides the work EOFY party with the traditional ‘fill up’, but just with a classier edge.

Party Perth specialises in group events in 11 destinations across Australia. Want help pulling off the ultimate EOFY or Christmas Party? Get in touch with Party Perth now!

Phone – 1800 901 885

Drinking Wine