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    Denim Theme

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    Music Lovers Theme

    Garden Tea Party

  • Army Theme

    Camouflage,Khakis,Camel Packs and Chow Halls -Lace up your boots and reach for your Body Army... Its Party Time Military style...


    Make a set of Dog Tags from Card , Fill in the party details on one of them and the other the guests names , connect them together with some fine chain (available from Spotlight and craft stores)

    Purchase two different colours of toy army men (they usually come in green and brown). Glue one colour on one side of a piece of card and the other colour on the other side, so they face each other. Write your party details in the middle.

    Other ideas to include on invites are Tanks, Camouflage prints, Stars and stripes and M16’s or other toy guns


    Anything army – uniforms, camouflage pants, Rambo


    Buy several metres of cheap army coloured material and hang on your walls and over furniture. Make a M*A*S*H sign and stick to a window or wall. Use green and brown coloured balloons and tableware. Place several plastic guns around the room , these will make for great photo props as well. Use kids Plastic army helmets as bowls and fill with Toy Planes and Other Toy Military Vehicles and watch your guests begin a war of their own. Hang green and brown streamers from door ways and attach plastic parachute men to them. If your feeling artistic, try making some extra large dog tags for your guests to sign during the night or a hanging mobile consisting of a helicopter and soldiers descending from it.

    What To Serve:

    • Canteen Cocktails – Serve pre made cocktails in canteens instead of cups.
    • Military Munchies – Purchase kids plastic military helmets and place them upside down on the table. and fill them with chips, crackers, or other snacks.
    • Canon Balls – Cook meatballs in a pan of marinara sauce and serve them with toothpicks

    Set up a small table in a corner somewhere and have this as “Your SHOT Table” Print out 2 – 3 Shot recipes and all that you need to make them ( alcohol, shot glasses, measures and shakers ) this way your guests can make their own when they desire.


    Grenade Toss: - Best played Outdoors

    What You Need:

    Water balloons – Filled ( 5 per guest )

    Small plastic buckets / ice-cream containers ( big enough to catch water balloons )

    How To Play:

    Divide players into pairs and have them stand a distance apart facing each other. Give one play the bucket and the other 5 balloons. On “Go” have the Balloon guest throw the balloons to the guest with the bucket this person is to catch the balloons in the bucket. (Do not remove any balloons from bucket ) Then they must swap roles. The object is the team ( 2 players ) with the most caught Grenades ( water balloons ) wins.



    What You Need:

    Pens and Paper

    A compiled list of army/military words, sayings and “Lingo” Click Here for a head start


    How To Play:

    Divide your party guests into small teams ( 3 – 4 ) and give them pen and paper

    Have them write down as many army/military words, sayings or term as they can in a given time. The winner is the team with the most sayings/words

  • Denim Theme

    Having a theme to your party always adds an element of enjoyment and surprise. The pre planning for both hosts and the guests can be just as exciting. Thoughts for planning a party theme must be take in to consideration for example weather, venue and age of your guests.
    Here are a few ideas to get your creative party juices flowing

    Denim on Denim:

    As the name suggests have your party guests dress in as much denim as they can. Denim shirts ,denim jackets, jeans,vests and hats. Almost Everyone has some denim in the wardrobe. This party theme is ideal for the cooler months.



    Can be in a blue colour. If you have an old pair of jeans why not cut them into strips and glue the paper invitation to the strips. Print out a picture of a jeans pocket and write your invite on the reverse side. Don’t forget to mention the theme on the invitation


    Finding denim or denim look alike material is easy as most fabric shops have a selection. Take this material and make table cloths and sofa throws. If you are handy with a sewing machine, cushion covers are a cinch. Blue balloons, napkins and plates are a must.


    Blue Smarties /M&Ms Game

    Empty a bag of smarties / M&Ms into a bowl and place in the middle of the table. Give each player a straw and have them sit around it.

    Each player now has 30 seconds each to use their straw to suck and transport the Blue smarties or M&Ms from the bowl to their hand.

    The player with the most wins.

    Blue Cocktails:

    Blue Fizz

    30ml Blue Curacao

    Brut Champagne

    How to make

    Pour the Curacao into a champagne flute and top up with champagne

    Into The Blue:

    30ml White Rum

    15ml Blue Curacao

    45ml Grapefruit Juice

    Soda Water

    How to make

    In a cocktail shaker add the blue curaçao, white rum and grapefruit juice, shake gently. Pour in to a Highball glass. Top up with soda water.

  • Polka Dot Theme

    Spots and DotsEverywhere for this party theme


    Think coloured spots and dots. Perhaps imagine a twister mat and create a party invitation from this idea. Download and use our free Polka Dot Invitation


    Anything with spots and dots , can be multi coloured or single coloured dots.Large dots or small spots.

    Decorations: Multiple coloured balloons, Use different coloured plastic or paper plates and stick them to your walls and windows. Use a twister mat as a table cloth or make your own from spotted material. String large round coloured card together in a line and hang from one wall to another or small round coloured card together and hang vertically in-between door frames. What to serve: Smarties, M&Ms, Freckles and other round coloured sweets. You can make pikelets in several colours just by adding food colouring to the batter. With a melon baller make fruit balls from watermelon ,rock melon and honeydew melon,and add some red and green grapes . Slice carrots and cucumber and plate together with some cherry tomatoes perfect for dipping into your favourite dip and healthy to.

    Mimosa Bar:

    A Mimosa Bar ( is a Self Serve Champagne Bar ) requiring carafes of different fruit juices and an assortment of cut of fresh fruit and of course, Champagne.

    Place several bottles of Bubbles into a large ice bucket /tub. On an assigned table place several carafes, filled with different flavoured juices, bowls of cut up fruit ( strawberries, raspberries ,peaches,mangoes etc.) and Champagne flutes. Label the carafes with what juice is in each and place tongs next to the fruit. Your guests will enjoy helping themselves to the delicious delights before them allowing you to enjoy the night.


    No better game to play at a Polka Dot Party then Twister. For the less adventurous have a checker board set up or a few sheets with connect the dots ( you can print these straight from google, search “Dot Games”)

  • Music Lovers Theme

    For all the Music lovers out there this Party theme is for you!
    This a LP / Album/ Record Party where the only music to be played is from record/Lps.

    Uou will need a record player for this theme


    Print off album covers from google images and stick your party details to the cover or find small 45 records and use the covers and insert your party invitation into these and hand out.


    Have each guest bring an album to the party and have them dress as the artist on the album.


    Make record mobiles by stringing different sized records together. Hang or stick the album covers to your walls and windows. Use album covers as place mats. Make album bowls and fill with chips and sweets. Make a record cake stand and place cupcakes and sweet boxes on them. Glue a plastic plate to a record and hand out to each guest to use as their dinner plate.


    Music Trivia, Music Charades, Musical Statues and Musical Chairs. ( have either all the men or all the ladies sit on the chairs and when the music stops the players must sit on the laps of the opposite sex – really too much fun )

    How to Make

    Record Bowls : Heat the oven to 100 C and place a record on top of an upside down oven proof bowl. When the album ​melts , carefully remove and mould to desired shape. if the record cools and you are not happy with shape place on a flat oven tray, place back into oven and it will flatten out, then begin above process again.

    Record Cake Stand: Either use an existing cake stand and deconstruct replacing plates with records or take 2 wine glasses, turn upside down and place in-between the records ( glue stems to records )

  • Garden Tea Party

    A Garden Tea Party is an ideal theme for either a Bridal shower, Christening, Baby Shower or just a special birthday. To help you plan the perfect Garden Tea Party we have listed ideas for invitations, decorations, foods and games.

    Select an invitation with a teapot, teacup or even a lovely garden on it. You can make your own by printing a Teapot image from google images, tracing and cutting around it and adding your party details.
    Floral dresses, semi formal or a summer print is perfect for this theme. If you are feeling crafty why not make all the guests a Tea Cup party hat!



    A trip to your local Op-shops will have you stocking up on Teacups and saucers. A ​mis match of cups and plates gives the vintage look and all the different floral prints on the cups and plates adds to the garden theme. Cake stands, Teapots,sugar bowls and lace table clothes or green table clothes ( garden look) and lace doilies should be used. Hang multi coloured pompoms around the room. Make giant flowers from card and crepe paper to emphasise the garden element of the theme. Paper lanterns can become hot air balloons with teacups as the basket – this look great hanging amongst the pompoms. To complete the look a bunch or two of fresh flowers.

    What to serve:

    Mini cupcakes, Petite fours (a small confectionery or savoury appetiser), sandwiches cut into thirds and crust removed. Different varieties of tea and Champagne.

    Party Favour Ideas: