The Golden Coast

The Gold Coast continues to exceed expectation and surprise Party Perth. It has always been a hive of activity, but much of the good stuff has been tarnished with the ‘Schoolies’ echo effect.

What we’ve seen is an abundance of cracking activities, set against the backdrop of a city that is all ‘chips in’ for a good time. And that beach, despite the amount of traffic it gets is on point.

You know the scene where Will Hunting cracks the mathematical equation in the College that only few geniuses have done before? That is what Party Perth HQ looked like today as we married empirical data, gut feel, previous Buck feedback and one dodgy looking piece of GoPro footage to formulate what we believe are the 3 best GC Party Perth activities currently available. They spit straight fire. Hot like a pistol.

3. Sport Fishing

Charter a boat with your good mates and spend the day hoping like hell you pull the biggest one in… The warm waters of Queensland are ideal for cracking a tin and chucking the line in. Our qualified seaman (hehe) all but guarantee you’ll pull something in, and the tropical fish are some of the best eating you’ll have. Easy to see why this has been popular. Couple it with a restaurant and club when you return to land, and you have a Bucks day that will keep everyone happy.

Sport Fishing
2. Skydiving

Swayze loved it in Point Break (the original, not that bullshit remake), so it gets an immediate tick from us. No bigger rush than skydiving. Just send the buck, or even better, join in for the ultimate bonding experience. The instructors are highly engaged and put your safety at a paramount; amongst the hijinx, this is alway good to have in the back of your mind… Strap a GoPro to the chest and you will enjoy the footage for years to come. The Gold Coast offers a sensational backdrop for skydiving, a unique combination of city, sand and surf.

Sky Diving
1. Boat Cruise

Sun deck out the front, full beer fridge in the cabin and full access to the music system all while your Captain steers you around some of the best Ocean views on the Australian coast. For the smaller crew (15 or less) this is magic. The land activities will let you interact with the public, what the boat cruise does is let you spend some genuinely priceless time with your best friends. This is our number one activity with a bullet. Just keeps on delivering.

Girl with Bikini